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Wedding Video Production Questions 
Louisville wedding video production questions
How long has Infinity Vision been in business?
Infinity Vision has produced business and wedding video production since 1996
How does wedding video production differ from someone who does candid video?
Our clients are serious about high quality work and care about hiring experience & dependability. You want a Wedding Film that you’ll love to watch over and over again and want to show family & friends. You don’t want to take the chance that your Wedding Film would be a failure. With over 200 weddings, you can count on us to deliver from this experience.   In addition, we never attempt to sell someone add-on production services or a one size fits all packages which are unnecessry.   All of our Louisville wedding video productions are tailor made.  This results in many excellent reviews and referrals we’ve received from past brides. 
Weddings are one of the most difficult events to cover.  They are fast-paced and unpredictable with no chance for a second take.  Because of this, not only is an experienced videographer required for a wedding video production but equipment which is far above the norm.  Placing inadequate equipment in the hands of someone inexperienced with wedding video production to begin with is a receipe for a poor production or possibly even no production, which is irreplaceable.
Done well, video is the best medium available to capture your wedding memories. It will be one that will brings tears and laughter every time you view it. If you take the time to “do your homework”, your end result will be a Wedding Film that you’ll be proud to show your friends and family. 

In which areas does Infinity Vision produce wedding video?
Areas which we have worked in the past on wedding video production include Louisville, Ashland, Bowling Green, Bardstown and Lexington in Kentucky.  We have also completed Indiana wedding video in areas such as Madision, Henryville, Scottsburg, Jeffersonville, Clarksville and all the way up to Indianapolis!  Although, we prefer working in the vacinity of the Louisville, Jeffersonville, Indiana and New Albany area because this allows us to have easy access to the rehearsal if we deem it helpful to attend.
Many video companies doing Louisville wedding video have elaborate packages with names
such as Bronze, Silver, Princess etc, does Infinity Vision have packages like this?
No, outside of differing from a multicamera or single camera production, we do not have packaged services like this.  The reason is, not every bride needs all those packaged services which are grouped together,   We offer a package which covers the production with the number of production hours required (in our experience) to cover most weddings.  Of course, not every wedding is the same.  We have covered some elaborate weddings which had multiple ceremonies and required 9 hours of being on site.  
What is the difference between a multi-camera or single camera production and how do I
determine which type of production I really need?
Depending on the company producing your wedding video and their package, you could end up with a single operator camera, one camera operated with an additional camera with no operator (called a camera and 1/2 production) or two or three cameras with operators.  So how do you determine which Louisville or Indiana wedding video package fits your event?  

Firstly, it depends on the size of the event, secondly it depends on the location of the event and thirdly it depends on your budget for the production.

There are a lot of multi-camera productions sold to brides which honestly could have been covered nearly as well with a single camera!  A single camera production does not mean that the image you see on the finished product will always be the same shot.  Unless, the camera operator has little experience.  A skilled operator will give you a wide shot, they will provide a medium shot and give you that vow close-up shot when necessary using only the one camera.  To streamline the production, these shots are often edited in post with transitions (like a multi-camera production would be)

A camera and 1/2 productions will not add much value over a single camera production.  This is because one camera is unmanned and almost always set to a wide shot because of this.  This allows the finished production to have some wide shots added but likely few shots from this camera would be used in the end. 

Which leads us up to the last category, the multi-camera production.   Yes, we have provided these productions many times.  In general, the reason someone would need a multi-camera production is because the camera placement is limited by the venue or there are certain shots they just need to have which would be impossible to get using a single camera.   A limit placed on camera placement by a church could dictate multi-camera productions as well.  Perhaps the church does not allow manned cameras around the front. 

Second cameras at a reception (in our opinion) provide almost zero value.  Most of the events at the reception are well planned out and the camera operator knows when these will happen (often even discussing and planning these with the DJ at the event).  So, the event will be filmed regardless of how many cameras are there.  It is unlikely a second camera will provide many meaningful shots.  We do not provide second cameras at the reception with our multi-camera productions because of this.  We can add this service if requested and the event dictates it .

If there are shots which can only be captured by additional cameras, and you must have these despite the additonal cost, a multi-camera production is what you would want to consider for your Louisville wedding video production.

What other services does Infinity Vision offer beyond the wedding video production?
We provide pre-wedding video production if you would like a presentation at your reception, we provide photo montage creation for the bride and groom set to music if you would like this displayed before the wedding starts (we had one about 10 minutes long at our wedding), we can also provide a video projector at your reception event to display a production, we also provide a quite elaborate service which many in the area do not provide because of it's complexity called a "Same Day Edit" Production.  Through our optional hours, we can provide additional production time for filming far earlier in the wedding day if desired.  We can also provide what we call an HD negative of the production on USB drive, this allows you to have a copy of the production in digital form before it is compressed onto a disc- this is a form of future proofing the production.
What is a "Same Day Edit"?
A "Same Day Edit" option is an elaborate process where the video company nearly edits the footage collected in real time in order to build a video presenation set to music and the vows at your reception right after the ceremony.   This is an ultimate "wow" factor presentation for the guests.  They will see things such as the bride and groom getting ready for the event, the decorations, the parents and bridal party before the wedding, the entrance of the bride and groom and finally the vows as recorded by the production edited with other scenes.  This is not a simple playback of the footage, it is a highly edited and polished music video production of the events which just took place including video effects, time shift and transitions that are timed to musical changes!  

Because this production is built on site at the reception event, the reception itself needs to allow the time necessary for the editing to take place.  Because of the editing, a second camera operator is present at the reception allowing the producer to concentrate on finishing the production on time to be shown at the reception within two hours after the wedding.

How long after the wedding date should I expect to receive my finished production?
Your Louisville wedding video production is usually finished in 5 to 6 weeks during off-season, (Nov. thru April), sometimes sooner. Brides with wedding dates in May through October will take longer to deliver; sometimes up to 12 weeks. We always keep in touch with our couples to let them know when we are close to working on their wedding.  In general, the wedding pre-cap musical video will be completed first and we then provide this video via the web for the bride, groom and other family members to view even before the complete finished production arrives.
How do I book a wedding production?
After contacting us to discuss your event, we will send you a form to fill out via email.  Once it is returned with the deposit, which is generally 1/3 of the total production price, we will book the date.  The remaining balance will be due by the wedding date.
Do you perform more than one wedding video production on any given date?
Not at this time.  We have done this in the past but prefer to have only one client for any given wedding date.   This allows us to give any one wedding our undivided attention and have the same experienced personnel there.  This does tend to make our schedule fill faster than other companies which produce multiple weddings using different personnel however.  

One issue to be very careful about
when purchasing a wedding video production is the use of subcontractors (this can apply to photographers and Djs if you are shopping for them).  If you hire company A, they may take the wedding but then farm the work out to freelancers, someone else outside of the company to do the job.  I recently looked at a local want ad for videographers and sure enough, it was a large local multi-service (Video/Photography/DJ/Rental) company hiring freelancers to take on jobs.  Make sure the people you are speaking with are the people who will personally do the service, not a freelancer that just started working for them yesterday.  

Some companies produce a very short wedding video called a "Cinematic film" with a run time often far less than 30 minutes, is this what you do?  -Thanks for the question - Keri.
These "Cinematic films" are a recent development in wedding video production.  It used to be that when you had a wedding video production completed, you would receive a long form or documentary style video along with a separate "highlight" video of perhaps around 5 minutes.  With the advent of new types of cameras called DSLRs (we have this in addition to standard HD cameras) some companies have expanded on the "highlight" video concept by making this "highlight" video much longer and more cinematic but not providing the bulk of the wedding as before.  Is this a bad concept?  That depends on how much of the wedding you actually want delivered and what video style you prefer.

A DSLR camera is a fantastic camera to use for a cinematic highlight video because they more closely mimick a camera you would use to produce a movie or a commercial.  The downside is, they are not really suited for live event video like a wedding.  They are also only really designed to shoot continously for around 10 minutes. By now,  I think you can see a problem with shooting the bulk of the wedding with a camera designed to run for only 10 minutes at a time!

Infinity Vision delivers a fully edited wedding production along with a "highlight" video of around four minutes (Our demos online are only examples of the wedding "highlight" videos, not the entire production).  The total length of the production is usually around 1.25 hours.  

What other types of services do you provide?
Although weddings have been a specialty of ours, we have completed many other types of video production including: instructional videos (british custom tailors), training videos (Subway), corporate meetings (Pizza Hut and Papa Johns), promotional TV shows (both Garden Ridge and Green Tree Mall), promotional pieces (Suburban Towing) and music videos (RR Award winner).  

We even produced a feature length documentary film (Screamer- Las Vegas International Film Festival Award).  

We have also shot video for the following types of events:  Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birth Stories, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Christenings, Debutante Balls, Engagement Parties, Graduations, Holiday Parties, Memorials, Milestones, Proms, Quinceaneras, Retirement Parties, Sweet 16s, Corporate Events, Web Promos, Advertising, funerals, legal video (and audio) etc.  

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about our wedding video productions and if you have further questions, please feel free to use the Contact button.