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Ellie and Adam Ruddell Wedding at Joe Huber Winery
It was a warm but beautiful July day at Joe Huber Winery in Starlight Indiana.   
Following a photo session on the grounds of the Joe Huber winery, Elaina and Adam exchanged vows in an intimate pavilian set up next to the winery complete with a decorated gazebo.  Both fathers of the bride and groom officiated the ceremony.

Being a long time Sony equipment enthusiast, I was delighted with the performance of our new HD camera system by Canon.  The Canon equipment performed much better than the standard definition Sony cameras it replaced, allowing us to produce a full HD production.  

Of course, while cameras change, some things never change.  

Professional support equipment is still necessary and is vital to the production.  I was shooting from the front of the event at the beginning.  I then moved to the end of the aisle to pick up the wide angle shots and close ups.  It can be done using professional equipment and allows shots of the parents being seated, the bride entering, close shots, wide shots and the couple coming down the aisle.  This was all possible using a single camera. 

Although newer professional cameras are also very good in dark situations such as an intimately lite reception, support lighting is still preferred for portions of the event.  Events such as speeches, cake cutting and important dances really should be covered with a light source.  As visible in the photoshow above, the cakecutting scene and father daughter scene are lite up by the camera.  This allows the image to be color correct and very clean.  If not lite up, the scene would still be visible with a professional camera (perhaps not with a phone or consumer camera), but the color would be washed out and the image would appear somewhat grainy.

For the rest of the reception dancing, there was enough Dj lighting that I preferred to shoot the scene as-is, without interferring with the guests using a light.  

It wasn't long ago that you needed to use a light in a dark scene at all times.  That isn't exactly the case anymore with professional equipment.  Consumer cameras and phones still need a lot of light to produce a decent image (many times the image appears to look OK on the screen of the phone or camera, it's not until you get it home and watch it on a television that you see all the problems you couldn't see on the tiny screen).  

The Joe Huber Winery was the perfect backdrop for the types of images I was looking to get for this wedding video production, with gentle rolling hills and a gorgeous sunset.  To see footage from the event, see it in our Films Section.